Friday, January 6, 2012

A new thin mint alternative?

The weather was nice (i.e. not raining) tonight so I decided to go out for a run instead of heading to the gym. My plan was 90 minutes and it was just under 93 minutes when I arrived back home. I had my running app set to notify me of the time every five minutes but I didn't know my distance or pace, so I was surprised to see that I ran 10.6 miles... an 8:46 pace!

But then I promptly undid all my hard work with an after dinner snack. I told my boyfriend I was craving something sweet and he brought me these to try...

Fudge Mint Cookies from 7-11

Yum, these 7-11 fudge mint cookies are delicious, and dare I say perhaps even better than thin mints! I had a nice evening curled up with a book, a warm class of milk, and these cookies. I ate half the box (six) before I had to stop because it was getting late.

Then... I looked at the back of the box. (I probably should have checked first, but felt like indulging a bit tonight.) The deliciousness definitely comes at a price. Four thin mints are 160 calories and although these are larger I figured the calorie count would be close. But just two of the 7-11 cookies are 180 calories! I'm not actively counting calories or anything so I'm not super worried about it; I was just surprised. But as my boyfriend said, there's a reason they taste so good.

I'll finish the rest of the box (maybe two at a time instead) but then stick to thin mints (or grasshoppers) after that. It's a good thing that as of now, Girl Scout cookie season in my area starts in 6 days and 22 hours so I'll be able to stock up again soon. :-)

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