Sunday, March 11, 2012

Shamrock Shuffle 5k (aka the Girl Scout cookie run)

Another Saturday morning, another race. Well, actually this one was a fun run. The Shamrock Shuffle 5k Fun Run/Walk to be exact. Only $5 for early registration and proceeds to benefit the Lynden Girl Scouts.

It was a nice flat course, well marked with either signs or volunteers to direct traffic. I started off a bit fast at the beginning trying to break away from the pack. This time my Garmin was fully charged and when I looked at my wrist and saw that my pace started with a 6, I knew I had to pull back a little.

At fun runs it's hard to predict who will show up. Sometimes there are some really speedy runners and other times it's mostly families with strollers. After the first mile, I found myself in fourth place and first female. I couldn't hear anyone close behind me, but that didn't mean they weren't there.

I focused on trying to maintain my pace. I knew I couldn't catch up with the three guys in front of me, but I could at least try not to fall further behind. I did a pretty good job staying with them until the end when they ran an all out sprint to the finish.

Splits from my Garmin:
  • Mile 1 - 7:28
  • Mile 2 - 7:35
  • Mile 3 - 7:35
  • Last .14 miles - 0:56 (6:36 pace)
Although the run wasn't officially timed, there was someone stationed at the finish line shouting times as each person crossed. My time was 23:32, which matches right up with my Garmin's 23:34 time.

Not my fastest 5k time, but I'm happy with it all things considered. Right now I just want to stay under an 8 minute pace during these 10k and shorter races. I think I need to lose a few pounds and be in better health before I can attempt a new 5k PR.

The tough thing about 5ks is that it hurts so much in the moment, but it's a quick recovery afterwards. I had a couple cups of water, a few orange wedges, and I felt like I was ready to run again. Not necessarily at 5k pace, but I think I could have knocked out my long run today if I really wanted to. The quick recovery makes me question whether I really gave it my all out there on the course. Like maybe I could have gotten my pace down to 7:30 if I tried a little harder. I don't know.

I had no expectation going in that there would be awards, but I was still a little bummed not to get any recognition. Oh, well. If it hadn't been a fun run I'm sure I would have faced more competition anyway.

I was quite impressed with the raffle prizes being given away. Is there a Girl Scout badge for fundraising or soliciting donations? Unfortunately I didn't win anything from the raffle, so I ended up treating myself by buying a couple boxes of Thin Mints to add to my stash.


  1. i completely agree about how 5ks suck in the moment but then after a few minutes, you're raring to go. I need to add in more 5ks to my training to work on speed.
    Thin mints are my absolute FAVE girl scout cookies- wishing I didn't give up sweets right about now

  2. WHOA, you are super fast! Good for you! I would really like to do a 5K in under 25 minutes this year!