Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mail and trails

As I've mentioned a few times on the blog, I took on a challenge earlier this year to run at least 1.5 miles a day for 30 days. The challenge was organized/sponsored by a local store called Fairhaven Runners. I was very excited a couple weeks ago to get an envelope from Fairhaven Runners in the mail. Inside was the Bellingham trails map awarded to all challenge finishers, plus I won a random prize of a free pair of socks.

Of course I can always use an extra pair of running socks so that's a nice bonus, but the map was my whole reason for sticking with the challenge. It's an awesome full color map of the Bellingham area that shows all the trails (and other notable running locations) in the area.

On the back of the map are the description, distance, and directions for each trail/location. They range from tracks and stairs to flat rail trails and steep mountain climbs.

I love having all this information in one place and being able to see how the trails can connect to form longer running routes. Once the weather gets better, I can't wait to make use of this map. (I'm kind of a neat freak and don't like getting my shoes wet and muddy unless it's during a race when I have no other option.) It'll be fun to check out some new places to run and to get more into trail running.

How do you find new running routes?


  1. That map would be awesome to have! I feel like I'm often missing out on great routes and just rely on finding out about them very slowly over time from others.

  2. That is SO COOL!!! I would love something like that for some of the trails around here! I have just slowly found new running routes over the years by running with new people and exploring new routes on my own. Also the city I live in doesn't have a TON of options for running routes!