Thursday, March 29, 2012

Exploring the Lake Padden trails

For my long run last Saturday, my boyfriend and I went out to Lake Padden.

He's just starting to run/walk (yay!) so we couldn't run together, but the idea was that we might see each other a few times while running loops around the lake. I ended up wrecking the plan because I wandered up into the adjacent trails instead. I'm not much of a trail runner (yet?), but I was feeling adventurous that day. It was fun to do something different than my usual road running and I enjoyed the peacefulness of the trails and the interesting scenery like this moss-covered tree stump that caught my eye.

What I didn't like quite as much was the hills and the muddiness. Overall the hills weren't too bad, but I did have to hike up a few like this one.

There were also some super muddy patches where I had to slow down and gingerly make my way along the edge of the path. The variation in the terrain really showed in the randomness of my splits.

Mile 1 - 8:39
Mile 2 - 10:25
Mile 3 - 14:08
Mile 4 - 8:59
Mile 5 - 9:55
Mile 6 - 9:14
Mile 7 - 10:58
Mile 8 - 13:45
Mile 9 - 8:49
Mile 10 - 9:25
Last .4 miles - 9:01 pace

I finally caught up with my boyfriend about half a mile from the car so we walked it in together and I got him to take my photo.

It was a fun outing and I liked the change of scenery and the challenge of the trails. I'm hoping to try and work more trails into my weekend runs over the next several months.

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  1. Those look like fun trails with interesting things to see!