Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tinker Bell weekend part 5 - Wrap up

After the half marathon, the rest of Sunday was of course spent at the parks. We started at California Adventure to grab fast passes for World of Color, then had a relaxing lunch at Paradise Garden Grill. The restaurant serves a selection of skewers and sauces that all come with a side of rice, cucumber salad, and pita bread.

I had the vegetable and tofu skewer with the chimichurri and tandoori-spiced yogurt sauces on the side. (Tip: you can ask for as many sauces as you want.) I liked the tandoori-spiced yogurt with the skewer and the chimichurri with the pita bread. It was a great post-race meal - tasty and filling without being too heavy.

We also enjoyed listening to some live music during lunch.

After lunch we did one of my favorite Disney attractions, Toy Story Mania, followed by Mickey's Fun Wheel. The ride has both swinging and stationary gondolas. Last time I was at Disneyland I don't remember having a problem with the swinging gondolas, but this time I was too motion sick to enjoy the view. I'm including this to remind myself: stick to the stationary gondolas from now on.

A great place to spend some time at California Adventure, especially if you want to escape the heat and sun, is the Disney Animation building. There's quite a bit to see and do, but the highlight for me is the Toy Story Zoetrope... it's like a flip book but in 3D.

Basically there are a bunch of characters in various states of movement. Once the disc that they're on starts spinning (and with the help of a strobe light), you can see the scene come to life. It's truly amazing! For more, check out this YouTube video about the zoetrope.

We also wandered over to Disneyland Park for awhile where we eventually grabbed sandwiches from the River Belle Terrace and brought them back with us to California Adventure to eat while waiting for World of Color to start. My turkey sandwich was good, but nothing special.

Sadly, I sort of felt the same way about World of Color... good, but nothing special. The water effects are definitely spectacular, but overall the show just wasn't that memorable. But then again, I only saw the first part of the show so maybe the ending would have wowed me. It was very disappointing; about 15 minutes in, the show just stopped with no explanation. Ugh. I considered staying to see if the second show would go on as scheduled, but decided that I needed sleep more than I needed to see World of Color. It'll just have to wait until the next visit.

When I woke up the next morning, I debated whether to run then or wait I got home that night. Ultimately I figured it was better to get it over with so I ran to get breakfast.

It was a short, easy 1.9 mile run, just enough for my challenge. My destination was Tangaroa Terrace again because they had a breakfast wrap that sounded good. Afterward I walked back through Downtown Disney and picked up a couple fun treats to take home with me.

I won't bore you with the details about the rest of my travel day. Overall I really enjoyed the trip, but as I told several of my coworkers when I went back to work the next day, I needed a vacation from my vacation. The running itself wasn't an issue, but combined with the travel, late nights and early mornings, and all of the walking around the parks, I was exhausted. But of course, that's not going to stop me from continuing to do Disney races or take other run-cations. In fact, now that I've got this report wrapped up, I need to start planning for my trip to Walt Disney World in May!

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