Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tri-Cities Marathon Goals

Well, tomorrow I'll be running my third marathon. This one is different than the first two because it's smaller and almost completely flat. I'm hoping the flat course will help with reaching my goal time, but I'm concerned that because I'll be using the same muscles the whole time that my legs will tire faster.

My goals are:
A- 3:50
B- 3:54 (new PR)
C- 4:00

I'm also a little concerned because I didn't follow a specific training plan and probably didn't do enough speedwork. But at least I think I did a pretty good job with the mileage. Two 18 mile runs, six 20+ mile runs, and several mid-week 13-14 mile runs.

A couple other things I'm doing differently this time around are that I got a massage yesterday and I'm going to carbo-load tonight with pizza. In the past I haven't been a real believer in carbo-loading, but lately I've noticed that my long runs seem to go better if I've had more carbs the night before. So hopefully it helps tomorrow.

I'm using the Blogger app so that's all I have the patience to type now. I'll report back after marathon #3!

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